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How to Use Ezine Marketing to Gain Maximum

Posted: Mon Feb 06, 2023 9:53 am
by rasel985
The tool is suitable for developing a business of any scale and field of activity but it works best in B C customers use the messenger for personal purposes so they rarely turn off notifications. How mailings to phone numbers work in VK To make a newsletter it is enough to upload a database with phone numbers using a partner service the system itself will find users whose pages are linked to them. These users will be sent a private email which will be accompanied by a push notification to their smartphone unless the person has disabled this option on the device. Please note that you can send service emails to phone numbers on Vkontakte only through Group partner services.

One of them is the platform. With you can also set up a cascading mailing if a client cannot receive a email in VK it will be sent to another messenger or SMS. Features of mailing by Palestine Email List in VK Advertising emails cannot be sent to a phone number on Vkontakte. You can talk about promotions and discounts using another tool the mass advertising mailing of Vkontakte. Such mailing can be sent only among subscribers of the brand community by ID of personal pages.


In the mailing to phone numbers you can send only service content notifications about the delivery of goods to the point of issue payment processing statuses booking confirmations and so on. If there is advertising content in the text of the mailing list according to the number base the moderators of the social network will reject the template. The difference between a Vkontakte service mailing list and an advertising mailing list The difference between a Vkontakte service mailing list and an advertising mailing list For those who want to use service mailing to advertise goods and services there is a way out after the client responds he will automatically become your subscriber.