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How To Increase Your Conversion Rates In Email Marketing

Posted: Mon Feb 06, 2023 9:53 am
by rasel985
This means that from now on emails can be sent to him without prior approval of the template from the moderator. Sending Vkontakte by phone numbers has a number of other features emails of no more than characters in any language are suitable for sending. You can attach up to images. Only delivered emails are paid. Service emails are sent on behalf of the group. Advantages and disadvantages of mailings on Vkontakte pros Seven times cheaper than SMS The cost of one Vkontakte service email is. €. while the average cost of an SMS in Russia is.

In addition when sending Vkontakte you do not need to pay for all sent but only delivered emails. High engagement of users receive a email within a day and of them open it. Conversation with Palestinian Territories Email List the user on behalf of the brand emails are sent on behalf of the official community of the company even if the person has not subscribed to the group or page of the brand. Growth of subscribers If the client responded he automatically becomes a subscriber to your community. After that you can send emails for free and without agreeing the template with Vkontakte. Security Users' personal data does not go beyond the infrastructure of Group.


Flexible targeting options You can set emails to be sent only to mobile devices and also limit the email expiration date. This is convenient for triggered distribution of confirmation codes that are valid once and only for a certain time. Minuses Not all clients will quickly respond to the email It happens that the user does not have time to read the email during the lifetime of the onetime code. In this case you will have to redirect the email with the new code to another messenger. Strict moderation of email templates Vkontakte moderation carefully checks service templates for advertising.